Premium quality from Germany. 
From raw steel to the finished product – this is how the family-run firm ELORA has been manufacturing many types of hand tools exclusively in Germany since 1924. Every single tool throughout our extensive range is imbued with the constantly refined skill and experience gathered over the decades and handed down through the generations – providing the best possible conditions for maximum functionality, durability and safety. So it is hardly surprising that demanding users the world over rely on our tools. All the products supplied by ELORA are available exclusively from authorised dealers. 


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 elora tools set  elora spanners and wrenches  elora sockets  elora impact tools
 Elora Tools Asortment  Elora Wrenches  Elora Sockets.  Elora Impact Tools
 elora torque wrench  elora allen key nd screwdriver  elora vde insulated tools  elora pliers
 Elora Torque Tools  Elora Hexagon Key and Screwdriver  Elora VDE Insulated Tools  Elora Pliers
 elora striking tools  elora measuring tools  elora automotive special tools   
 Elora Striking Tools  Elora Measuring Tools  Elora Automotive Tools  Elora Different Tools