Dewalt Power Tools : Guaranteed Tough

With more than 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing world-class solutions for the professional construction industry, the Dewalt brand represents performance, innovation, and reliability. Tools that carry the Dewalt brand are Guaranteed Tough - engineered to exceed the expectations of building contractors and professional tradesmen, even when tested in the most extreme construction environments. 

The Dewalt power tools reputation for quality is hard earned, and follows a commitment to providing best in class products that meet the highest levels of durability and end-user protection. 

Today, these characteristics are incorporated through long experience and state-of-the-art engineering into every product of Dewalt’s broad range of high performance ‘portable’ electric power tools and accessories. The acceptance of these Dewalt products by professional tradesmen around the world has made Dewalt power tools the number one selling brand of professional power tools in North America today, and the fastest growing professional power tool brand in the world for the last five years.



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